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East Valley Park stretches from Golf Hill Drive to Isley Boulevard, and boasts three shelter houses and a view of thick forest on one side and the Fishing River on the other. Old stone benches, built in the early part of the 20th century when the park was designed by renowned architect George Kessler, dot the park up in the woods and provide a fine place from which to watch the birds and animals. Isley Park Woods is a part of this park.

Isley Park Woods, a 15 acre designated Missouri Natural Area within East Valley Park. Just south of Isley Boulevard/10 Highway off Golf Hill Drive, find a lovely old growth north-facing upland forest, typically predominately oak/hickory, but with many other trees (basswood, black walnut, sugar maple, and so forth, as well as a rich understory). Thousands of spring wildflowers, a variety mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles and insects are also to be found here. A paved walking trail along the north edge parallels the park road. Further up in the woods is an undeveloped nature trail.

Fishing River Linear Park Walk Trail (0.7) is located on the north side of the park, see here.

In 1910, George E. Kessler was secured by the General Realty & Mineral Water Company of Excelsior Springs to create a large central park south of downtown which eventually became East Valley Park. Kessler's report to the city in 1914 called for a park on both sides of Fishing River. By the end of 1915, an area occupying two-thirds of the entire river valley was given over to parkland. It extended over a mile through the town along both banks of the river, and over $100,000 had already been expended on the park system.

Along with the present day Fishing River Linear Park and Siloam Mountain Park, East Valley Park formed the central core of the park system. It is physically connected with these other two parks, and much of its history is intertwined with them.

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• Walking Trail
• Natural Area

Shelter #1
• 2 Picnic Tables
• BBQ Grill

Shelter #2
• 2 Picnic Tables
• BBQ Grill
• Swingset

Shelter #3
• 2 Picnic Tables
• BBQ Grill
• Swingset

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